Thermowood products for use on the deck

The selection of terrace products offers diversity and quality. Our products are designed to withstand changing weather conditions and ensure years of use.

Choose Backdek terrace products - reliability, aesthetics, and durability all in one package.

Woodland Set I
€594.00 €500.00
Woodland Set II
€345.00 €300.00
Garden Chair Alo
€114.00 €60.00
Cube Oasis
€78.00 €48.00
Plant Box Verdure
€93.00 €54.00

Why do we use thermowood? 

Thermowood is a natural material achieved through high-temperature heat treatment of wood without the use of chemicals. This process enhances the wood's resistance to moisture, mold, insects, significantly extending its lifespan. Additionally, thermowood exhibits an aesthetically pleasing appearance with beautiful colors and distinctive textures.