Thermowood Decks

Versatile thermowood terrace modules that are durable and easy to install. Whether you choose to install them yourself or opt for our professional service, our goal is to ensure your satisfaction and deliver high-quality results.

Deck 1x2m
Deck 1x3m
Deck 1x4m
Deck 1x5m
Deck 2x2m
Deck 2x3m
Deck 2x4m
Deck 2x5m
Deck 3x2m
Deck 3x3m
Deck 3x4m
Deck 3x5m
Deck 4x2m
Deck 4x3m
Deck 4x4m
Deck 4x5m
Deck 5x2m
Deck 5x3m
Deck 5x4m
Deck 5x5m
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Why do we use thermowood for terrace construction? 

Thermowood is a natural material achieved through high-temperature heat treatment of wood without the use of chemicals. This process enhances the wood's resistance to moisture, mold, insects, significantly extending its lifespan. Additionally, thermowood exhibits an aesthetically pleasing appearance with beautiful colors and distinctive textures.

Choose Backdek thermowood terrace modules - reliability, aesthetics, and durability all in one package.