HotLod includes:
  • Thermowood deck elements with trims
  • Insulated floor and ceiling with 250mm and walls with 200mm rockwool
  • Exterior finishing with oiled wood siding
  • Modified bitumen roofing
  • Triple glazed PVC windows and door
  • Wooden oilwaxed interior door
  • Water, sewage, electricity and low voltage
  • Interior finishing with oilwaxed wood siding
  • Recessed LED lights, switches and plugs
  • Tiled bathroom floor and two walls
  • Oak flooring
  • Kitchen cabinets with appliances
  • Air source heat pump
  • Furnishing of the bathroom with washing machine and boiler
  • Living room furniture with TV
  • Tiny house documentation


Fully furnished tiny house

Building area 18,2 m²
Internal area 13,5 m²
Decking area 20 m²

Price at the factory 34 800 €
(includes VAT)

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